A 1993 remake



A board game turned into an MS-DOS game in 1993 by the now dissolved Argo Games and published by also dissolved Software Creations, Hexxagon turned into abandonware and fell under fair use.

The original Hexxagon (1993)

You can move pieces by one tile or by two. When you move by one you also make a copy of your piece, but if you move by two tiles you only jump.
Landing next to enemy pieces will turn them into yours and vice-versa.
Game ends once a player loses all his pieces or players run out of space, in which case the player with more pieces wins.

Hexxagon (2017)
Hexxagon (2017) brings back the map editor, now with more functions and bigger maps than before. Also, compared to 1993 version, there is multiplayer.
The game features a 3D world with beautiful scenery  and cozy music in the background, using the full might of Unity Engine.

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